5 of my favourite upcycles

I’m a sucker for trying to rescue or re-imagine something that is perhaps less than perfect. I have bought things from charity shops that I know I’ll be able to repair or upcycle. You might be asking “What does upcycle mean?” Upcycling is a relatively new phrase. First used in the early 90’s. Its definitionContinue reading “5 of my favourite upcycles”

Make a Thrift wish list

One thing I’ve learnt about shopping second hand is that you can easily get overwhelmed and be swept away in a sea of bargains. You can end up with ten new-to-you items of clothing, none of which suit you or go with anything else in your wardrobe or closet just because it was cheap. That’sContinue reading “Make a Thrift wish list”

My top 10 thrifted bags

If you’re new to shopping second hand, buying accessories is a great place to start. Charity shops are full of amazing accessories, from unusual belts, brand new purses and even vintage designer handbags. I’m a bit of a handbag addict. Anyone who knows me will agree. I have been since I was little. I mayContinue reading “My top 10 thrifted bags”