My top 10 thrifted bags

If you’re new to shopping second hand, buying accessories is a great place to start. Charity shops are full of amazing accessories, from unusual belts, brand new purses and even vintage designer handbags.

I’m a bit of a handbag addict. Anyone who knows me will agree. I have been since I was little. I may not keep every bag I’ve ever owned but I still use a red handbag my Granny gave me many years ago. It is my most favourite, cherished handbag.

A lot of my other bags I have found in charity shops and on Ebay. I use them all, I like changing my bags…it’s an extension of an outfit . I don’t think I can have too many…others might disagree. (My other half…)

I found this pink tote bag quite a few years ago and I have used it hundreds of times. It is a great size, fits my laptop for work, it’s sturdy and Italian made. It was a bargain £18 on Ebay. I just search for tote or birkin style when looking for Hermes dupes on there.

The next of my favourite thrifted bags is this, which I like to think is a Dior dupe. I love the snakeskin design, the shape, the chain and the price! This was 99p in The Children’s Society. My most used bag for a night out… remember those?

This beaded evening bag was a case of rescue and repair. It is a vintage Pandora bag. A few beads were missing on the back but it was a really easy fix. The bag was 99p again from The Children’s Society charity shop. I was lucky to find it under a bunch of other bags.

Next is one of my most fun bags, by Skinny dip London. I love quirky prints, especially anything fruit themed. I saw AlwaysaFashionParade had this in one of her posts…it wasn’t long until my ebay search commenced. I was so lucky to find this BNWT (Brand new with tags) for £20. But honestly it is the most impractical bag. It doesn’t fit much in except your (small) phone, cash and lippy. But who cares when it’s such a fun design.

This David Jones bucket bag was an item on my thrift wish list and it was my most used bag this summer without a doubt. I found this on eBay for about £20, with strict instructions from the previous loving owner to take good care of her. 🙂 I promise I will!

This was another rescue and repair job. The magnet clasp wasn’t attached…nothing a glue gun couldn’t fix. It was 99p from The Children’s Society again. I love the blue quilted velvet and the chain handle. An absolute bargain.

I was on a shopping ban (Lent Reinvent – Where you don’t buy anything & just reinvent your wardrobe during lent) when I made the mistake of “popping” into my local RSPCA charity shop. I’m glad I did as I found this beaded, vintage animal print Hartford bag, which was £3.

Moving on to bling! Since I was little I had loved looking at all the embellished, beaded clutch bags in the shop Accessorize. I am partial to a gem or a sequin or two. I was having a quick look on EBay for a beaded bag around Christmas time and I won this on an auction for 99p plus postage. It’s my go-to bag for a wedding or to jazz up an outfit.

Less jazzy but still as beautiful, this is one of my oldest bags. I bought it at a vintage market when my friend and I got lost in Amsterdam back in 2007. We were walking past a stall when a bloke chucked a bunch of bags in a little pile and said 5 euros each. My friend got a bag too. It’s a handbag I rarely use but never want to get rid of because of the memories. Hoarder alert!

Last but not least this vintage Pollini bag, which I bought from Depop (from Becky at Diary of a thrift addict) I absolutely love this. Similar style and colour to my bucket bag. It goes with everything and it’s a classic, timeless shape.

When it comes to bags and shoes I am definitely not a minimalist. I don’t think I ever will be and you know what? I’m not mad about it.

Let me know which is your fave and if you’d like a shoe tour next…ha!

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I'm Laura and I love to thrift. I live in Essex with my partner and our little boy who is 3.

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