Make a Thrift wish list

One thing I’ve learnt about shopping second hand is that you can easily get overwhelmed and be swept away in a sea of bargains. You can end up with ten new-to-you items of clothing, none of which suit you or go with anything else in your wardrobe or closet just because it was cheap.

That’s where the thrift wish list comes in. If I see things I like, on Instagram for example, then I will save it into my thrift wish list on my phone. So that when I do go shopping or begin an Ebay search I am mindful about what I am looking for.  It definitely saves time and money, not to mention space in my wardrobe.

There was  bucket bag and bowling bag on my thrift wish list earlier this year and they’ve both now been ticked off via Ebay and depop. You can check them out on my 10 fave thrifted handbags.

Five things I’m on the lookout for at the moment

A leopard print jumper

A plain white T-shirt (Basics are like gold dust in charity shops but not impossible to find)

Some blue boots (Totally impractical…maybe in velvet to be even more pointless)

Some pleather trousers

More Mom jeans! ( I have one pair from the children’s society and I cannot believe I lived in skinnies for so long…must get another pair)

This list changes all the time…sometimes daily. I’m always deleting things off when I realise I don’t really want it. That’s the beauty of having a list in your phone or on good old fashioned paper. You can see everything and change it whenever you like.

I would recommend a thrift wish list to anyone. Go through your wardrobe, sit down and think about what is missing. What would really add something to, not just one, but a few outfits. Then search on Ebay, save the search to send notifications when a similar item is listed. Work out what your budget is per month, per week or for a particular item.

 Go through your thrift wish list before you head to any charity shops to keep it at the forefront of your mind. Luck might be on your side and you find exactly what you’re looking for. Or something unexpected but perfect for you could catch your eye.

Happy Thrifting!

Published by Dressing Thrifty

I'm Laura and I love to thrift. I live in Essex with my partner and our little boy who is 3.

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